CamBomb – Monkey Island (feat. @PremierTwo)

CamBomb - Monkey Island feat. Premier Two

What Was The Inspiration For This Song?

I stumbled onto Peter’s Twitch Channel one day and found the community of people to be so kind, inviting and supportive that I decided to stick around. In turn, it’s been quite a bit of fun getting to make new friends from around the world & bonding over games, movies, music, travel, food and silliness & kindness to one another.

The world can be too intense sometimes, and knowing that communities like this exist, which Peter founded was inspiring. So, that led me to writing a song about the community with an epic video game feel to it combined with tales of the channel and content creator himself. It’s a root’n toot’n rock’n and roll’n tune and I hope you enjoy it! Family friendly as always…I’ve even heard that toddlers are jamming out to it!

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