CamBomb – Techno Cheerio ( The Fact a Day Album )

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The Fact a Day & I teamed up on this one along with the next few tunes that will be coming out in 2021 πŸ™‚ Stay tuned

What Was The Inspiration For This Song?


Techno Cheerios is the first song on The Fact A Day Album! It was inspired by our son who has Cheerios as a snack, and in order for him to get excited about snack time I sing to him or come up with silly sounds and dances. Since I spend 80% of my day watching him, I sometimes go into full imagination mode and Techno Cheerio was born! The dance Mr. Toes does in this with his head bob from side to side is actually one of the moves I do with my son. Enjoy!

Note: We have no affiliation with General Mills OR the Cheerios brand. Wouldn’t mind if they reached out for a partnership though cause we could use some support! If you’d like to support us check out our Patreon link below. You could literally be our first supporter πŸ™‚ 

Why Is There a Fact a Day Album?


This album was commissioned in honor of hitting 1,000 subscribers on YouTube! We’re working with CamBomb to write the lyrics & we’re hoping for a full 10 song album of fun, kind, and upbeat songs that both kids and adults can jam out to. 

It’s like mixing Raffi and dance / trance music all into one! Imagine dancing to a song about cheerios at a nightclub? How awesome would that be? 

When Will This Song Be Released?


May 1st at 6AM EST

How Do I Subscribe?


You can click that like & subscribe button above, or the links below for @CamBomb or for The Fact a Day. The Fact a Day will have exclusive rights to the songs for a while, but CamBomb will eventually publish them over on his channel too.

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